O'Grady Quarter Horses Brand Excellence

Tom O'Grady

Tom is the founder of O'Grady Quarter Horses and owns ranches in South Dakota and Cave Creek, Arizona. His proud tradition includes over 20 years experience developing a program to raise championship caliber quarter horses that are sought by the most competitive riders.

Tom grew up riding colts, ranching, and doctoring cattle. His expertise in training and developing winning horses starts with a breeding regime that combines exceptional bloodlines, followed by athletic training to maximize strength, speed and explosiveness. A top-performing horse must have enough bone and hoof to hold up for the long haul.

O'Grady Quarter Horses are raised to be winners for any event. Tom's championship horses can be found all across the United States. However, their journeys all begin on the O’Grady Ranch in South Dakota.

The Mark of Excellence

Our unique brand of Quarter Horses are up for any challenge. Incredibly athletic, our horses perform at maximum strength to give you championship results. Our studs are best-of-breed and our mares comes from exceptional bloodlines.

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