Rooster makes it alot easier to win, because he has enough talent to put you in position and he's so dedicated to doing his job, to the best of his ability.

Craig Deveraux, Full House Productions Horse Sale.

Tom has super nice horses. I have had 4 or 5 and they've all been super athletic. The ones I've sold have gone on to become great rodeo horses. I have one now that I believe will really go big time.

Neal Engesser


They are outstanding athletes that have the potential to not just win, but be the best out there. If you give them a job, they will give 110% every time and it shows in their conformation. I've performed on these horses at state and national finals in all events and been successful, including many state titles.

Karissa Rayhill




Tom O'Grady's Quarter Horses are some of the finest performance horses going down the road.

Steve Sward, 2014 Colt Starting Challenge USA Las Vegas National Finals Champion


The O'Grady horse program combines confirmation, speed, and agility all into one. In my experience whether you're using them in the arena or outside, you'll be impressed. The breeders passion for a well rounded horse shows in the finished product. Great people!

Jeremy Buhler, 2016 National Finals Rodeo Champion Heeler

I have three of Tom's colts and think they are as good or better than any I have ridden. I have broke and started horses for Waggoners, The four sixes and the RO Ranch in Arizona. Worked on big ranches all my life. The O’Grady Colts are good looking, real athletic and real smart and are big good boned horses ... easy to start because they are smart.

Glen Bruton



O'Grady Quarter Horses raises beautiful well built horses with great minds. We would like to thank Tom for selling Margarita and her daughter Blue. Margarita is doing great, our 13 yr. old grand daughter is riding her now & plans to run barrels on her this summer. Her daughter Blue is coming along nicely. They both have BIG motors and want to please. We feel very fortunate to have 4 of Tom's horses.

Brent & Cindy Talich


We run 4,500 -5,000 yearlings at Elk Mountain Wyoming. We are over 8,000 ft elevation. Our terrain goes from very rocky to very boggy. We need horses with good endurance and good minds. The horses we have gotten from Tom have given us 110% both physically and mentally.

Paul Cook